About Learnweek.com

Learnweek.com is an experimental platform with English exercises derived automatically from our corpus of English novels.


Currently the corpus consists of 18 public domain novels by classic English writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Herbert George Wells, Jane Austen and a few more (registered users shall find a complete list of novels available in their Settings). We have plans to incorporate to our corpus also contemporary English literature, however this matter is of much more difficulty, as we need to deal with works which are in most cases copyrighted.


The exercises are generated automatically from our corpus by means of various natural language processing algorithms. At this moment, there are 3 types of exercises available. Gap Filling, Verb Forms and Articles.

We believe that practicing your English with Learnweek exercises has the following advantages:


As we have mentioned earlier, Learnweek.com is an experimental platform. It is up to our users how it will evolve. Your feedback is really welcome. Registered users shall find a Feedback button on their main menu. We encourage you to use it.